City Retreat.

By looking on a map, you can see that Buenos Aires is on the coast. However, if you wander around looking to see the water, I would love to watch you try to find it. It would probably work better to invest in a compass than try to orient yourself by the where you are in relation to the coast. Buenos Aires borders the Rio de La Plata which gradually flows into the Atlantic. There are docks, but not beaches. While the city limits are defined by this aquatic border, its personality is hardly influenced by it.

There is, however, at least one place where the city converges with its natural surroundings and is not separated by a think concrete barrier. At least not completely. The Reserva Ecológica is the closest thing to a real jungle that you can find near the concrete one of BA.


It’s a great place to relax with friends. Especially the ones who like to go against the grain in pictures. Why is it that those seem to be the only ones that end up being in focus?



You can feed the ducks. I mean, in how many places can you do that?





Okay, so I might be poking a little fun at the definition of “nature” in Buenos Aires. But sometimes we all need a little space and even the simplest stream or patch of grass can be that space. This woman came and sat next to us. She took of her shoes and had bandaids wrapped around her toes. She didn’t talk to anyone. She looked out, but I’m still not sure where she was looking toward. She was so peaceful and pensive, but was so quiet about it. No one had to know she was there or what she was doing, but she could be there and feel what she needed.

That is what the natural state of the earth is about; it should change our state of mind just from being in it. There are things we can feel and understand better when we leave our world and go to another, more simple and peaceful one. I’m grateful that can happen all over the world that Heavenly Father created and in His temples.


One thought on “City Retreat.

  1. hahahah, so so true!!we must take you to Punta Lara!!thats our “beach” is nice!!!let´s do that ok?love your writing


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