Che on Our Napkins.

The name of this blog, while it does rhyme in English, is actually pretty ironic because Madaline is a particularly difficult name for Argentinians to say. There are not really any Argentine Madalines. Here Madalines would actually be called Magdalenas, which again is ironic because a magdalena is also a type of muffin/cupcake, which I don’t even eat.

But aside from my name, I am finding that Argentina and I are actually a pretty good fit for each other. Here, art is a priority and architecture is not just about functionality, pockets of nature are interwoven with the city, men are not embarrassed to kiss each other hello or goodbye, sparkling water and flat water are the same price, people spend hours at a cafe table or a park bench just talking, they love meat more than almost anything else, and their political climate is consistently captivating.

All of these thoughts started falling together while we were in one of our new favorite cool places, Club de La Milanesa.



Some of us just couldn’t help but feel classy here.



Some of us tried to be classy, but didn’t quite make it.



But at least we were happy. And thinking of new Pinterest projects without even being on Pinterest.


But even with the lighting and ambiance and two feet long slab of meat, the best part of the experience was that there was a cartoon cow chef version of Che on the napkins.


“I am not a liberator. Liberators do not exist. The people liberate themselves.”

Che Guevara


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